We got 2 stands both housed in the lovely venues of our friends from Foodhallen

Foodhallen Rotterdam

Wilheminakade 58
3072AR Rotterdam

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Foodhallen Den Haag

Haagsche Bluf 40
2511CN The Hague

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The Joint is the place, the pizza is the reason. A New York style pizza, with a Rotterdam crust. A down-to-earth, accessible place for everyone. The Joint stands for coming together, and is also a place where you come together. Inspired by street food, street culture, and traditional American pizzerias we set out to re-invent it with a modern twist. The Joint is a place where humor takes the lead and a good meal goes hand in hand with a good conversation. The Joint is a neighbourhood staple and a must-see for visitors.

In 2022, Per lost his regular spot in Rotterdam North where he had run "De Toko" for years. His search for a new location to restart led him to Foodhallen. When it quickly became clear that there was no room for another Indonesian kitchen, the gaping hole where a pizzeria was supposed to be became visible. It was a lifelong dream of Per's, to open a New York style pizzeria. As early as 2017, he flew to New York for inspiration, which resulted in Per's Deli. Now, almost five years later The Joint opened in Foodhallen Rotterdam, across from what was for decades the only connection to New York, the cruise terminal. Offering authentic New York style pizza with a Rotterdam twist.


If your gang don't look like this, don't invite me to your party


This son of a gun will scratch somebody’s eyes out for a leftover slice of pie, but treat him well and he’ll make for a great table partner. Give this ol’ rascal a pet on the head and he’ll love you for life, but for the love of god DO NOT touch his belly. Thanks for being our pal, Scrappy.


Meet Peebee. Leader of the pack. Knows what’s good on pizza and isn’t shy of downing a slice every now and then. Wouldn’t hurt a fly if you forced him to. Knows what’s up, knows what’s down. We all need a Peebee in our lives.


Flip is the bread to our butter, the crust to our toppings the base to our gang. We don’t really know if the yeast is getting to his head or if Flip has been consuming any other stuff, but he’s always happy and content without a single thought behind those eyes. Way to go, Flip, get high on life.


Peppie is here to brighten your pizza and punch something expensive. Always in for a laugh and a fight. The ultimate topping, the best wingman. Go get ‘m, Peppie!


now availlable!

The shirt is availlable for pick-up at our stands in sizes S/M/L/XL/XXL for €25,-


We are located in Foodhallen Rotterdam
Wilhelminakade 58
3072AR Rotterdam

As well as Foodhallen Den Haag
Haagsche Bluf 40
2511CN The Hague